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Rose Garden Melt & Pour

My five year old has been asking to help make soap for a couple months now and I keep telling him no because I typically make cold process soap, which is caustic due to the sodium hydroxide present for the first 48 hours. I finally purchased some melt and pour soap base and want to share this fun project we did!

With Mother’s Day and teacher appreciation week just around the corner I thought it would be a great opportunity for the kiddos to do their soap project. I have a bunch of cake making supplies so I have silicone fondant molds on hand, but you can use any molds to make your embeds depending on what you want your final soap to look like.

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Soggy Spring

Can we just be done with this rain already? It has been a wet, wet start to March this year and I’m not loving it. February was the second wettest February in recorded History! Let me repeat that for you… Just kidding nobody wants a repeat of that. (See what I did there?)

NOAA just told me there are hazardous weather conditions in my area, with an increased risk of landslides due to the heavy rainfall over the last few weeks with projected heavy rainfall continuing at least for the next several days. Like, WHAT?!? Now, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I love the climate here. I enjoy the range of seasons that we have here. I don’t think I’ve ever been a place I consider more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest, but I am seriously ready for a little sunshine.

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Soothing Eczema Salve

I had a friend visiting the other day and was showing her a fresh batch of Peppermint Beard Balm I recently made for my husband. She asked if she could put some on her eczema that’s gotten really bad this year. I said of course knowing that it would most likely help as all the ingredients were natural, conditioning and moisturizing, but I told her I could make her something specifically for eczema that would be more beneficial so I set to work researching the next day.

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