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Edible Garden Art: Part Two

I can’t believe how fast the garden has changed in the last few weeks. First off, if you follow me on twitter or instagram you know I still haven’t caught the mole that’s been making appearances in our yard. Even better, the bait I set in the traps attracted ants so now I have moles and ants, which reminds me why I did almost exclusively container gardening last year. I heard Cayenne pepper will get rid of ants and possibly deter the moles as well so I think I’ll give that a shot. We have tons of bees around here too and it seems like every year we have to knock a new hive off of our eaves, but the plus side is they help with the ants. I actually saw a couple of bees crawling into anthills in our backyard this week. It was totally bizarre to watch. The rest of the good news is that almost everything is growing well and It looks like the mole really only messed with the carrots. There were tunnels all around the carrots and very few of them have sprouted so I’ll be planting more soon. This time I’ll be using the carrot seeds I have instead of buying more seed tape, although I’m pretty sure it was the mole, not the tape that was the problem because the beets and radishes all sprouted well.

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