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Kale Pesto Recipe

I love making freezer pesto, and have made it the last several years. It’s a great way to store your basil harvest all year long and it’s perfect to add to noodles or fix a plain spaghetti sauce. This year was my first year growing Kale in my garden and we get some from our CSA box every couple weeks so we’ve had an abundance. After all the salads, quiche and kale chips I decided to make Kale pesto. I’m always looking for ways to get my kids to eat more greens and this is such a great recipe because of how simple and healthy it is, and how easily I can integrate it into meals without the kids complaining, or even noticing. I’ve never been someone to use pine nuts or Parmesan in my pesto because I usually don’t have any on hand and after years of making my own Pesto I don’t find either of those ingredients necessary.

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