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Winter Woes and Garden Chores

There are a lot of great things about Winter; the holidays, family time, good food, hot chocolate by the fire and so much more. There is also a lot I don’t love so much about Winter, like the fact that it’s cold all the time, and muddy, my chickens don’t lay as often and I’m not harvesting anything from my garden, but it still requires maintenance.

Even though I’ve lived in the Pacific North West my entire life, and I love it here, I even enjoy the rain occasionally but I’m not much of a fan of gardening in it, or in freezing cold temperatures. So unfortunately when Fall hits my garden ends up neglected for much of the Winter. It’s not that I don’t have good intentions, but between the weather, the upcoming holidays and my ever mounting pile of DIY house projects it’s easy to let the garden fall by the wayside.

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