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Edible Garden Art: Part One

Last year we had our garden in our backyard and as much fun as I had there wasn’t enough room for everything I wanted to grow this year. We have always kept the front garden bed full of flowers because we want to keep the front of our property looking nice and I’ve been afraid of neighborhood animals eating the crops. We live near a wildlife ravine and I’ve seen wild rabbits around our neighborhood. To grow everything I want to this year I decided to dig up our front garden bed and start over. I still want our garden bed to look nice so I’m planting my own garden art.

I’m using the front bed for all my root vegetables: garlic, onions, carrots, radishes and beets. I am hoping with root vegetables planted we won’t have any neighborhood critters eating our crops, but only time will tell.

Planting sun pattern

After I dug up all of my existing plants and re homed them I chose to plant garlic bulbs first. I got a large amount of garlic from the grocery store and made a fun pattern in the garden bed. I pulled all the garlic heads apart to get the individual cloves, the outside cloves are supposed to be better for growing so that’s what I used, and I saved the smaller cloves for cooking.

Individual Garlic Cloves

A dear farmer friend told me that while my garlic will still grow the best time to plant garlic for large heads is Fall. It is the first crop I planted this year, but even if the heads end up being small I planted so much garlic I don’t see us running out anytime soon. Come Fall I will plant a new crop so I can see the comparison next year.

I really didn’t have any plan for my front bed other than plant it in a way I think is cool. The Garlic is in a sun shape, carrots were planted in a flower and the onions, radishes and beets are planted in circles and swirls. My hope is that when the crops come up the patterns will be noticeable and it won’t look like a jumbled mess, but we’ll see!

I planted over 100 cloves of garlic, maybe a few too many!
The carrots being planted.
Purple Onion bulbs and beet swirls.

I have never planted seed tapes before this year, but I thought it would go well with my theme. The seed tape was easy to plant and should help my designs come to life when the crops come up as the seeds are spaced evenly and the row shapes were easy to manipulate.

The radish seedlings are just starting to pop through the dirt. I can almost make out the pattern I planted
The garlic has started to come up and not all the bulbs have popped through, but I can see most of the design I planted.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as the garden comes to life over the next few months. Is anyone else doing something fun and unconventional with their garden this year?

On a side note I checked my garden this morning to see how it’s doing and I have an unwelcome guest. For what seems like the umpteenth year in a row we have a mole in our front yard. I am so frustrated. I know I need to take care of this in the next day or two before it really wreaks havoc since I planted all root vegetables this year. Genius Shelby, just genius. Have any of you had mole or gopher problems before and if so, do you have any tips for getting rid of them?