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Soggy Spring

Can we just be done with this rain already? It has been a wet, wet start to March this year and I’m not loving it. February was the second wettest February in recorded History! Let me repeat that for you… Just kidding nobody wants a repeat of that. (See what I did there?)

NOAA just told me there are hazardous weather conditions in my area, with an increased risk of landslides due to the heavy rainfall over the last few weeks with projected heavy rainfall continuing at least for the next several days. Like, WHAT?!? Now, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I love the climate here. I enjoy the range of seasons that we have here. I don’t think I’ve ever been a place I consider more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest, but I am seriously ready for a little sunshine.

I rescued some plant starts from the store at least a week ago and I still haven’t gotten around to planting them yet. Every time I have a free moment I look outside and it’s dumping buckets. I’m definitely not the only one that’s over the rain. I went outside today to bring in some firewood, which we usually don’t need by mid March, and I had five soggy chickens come running over to me looking absolutely pathetic. I let them out to range around the yard and as much as they love being outside of their pen, chickens do NOT like being wet. Usually by this time of year my chickens have picked up laying eggs for Spring, but not a single one is laying right now.

See what I mean? Pathetic. Also, I feel the need to point out that yes, they have access to lots of covered, dry space.

If you’re itching to get your garden going before Spring completely passes us by you can certainly start your seeds indoors, but you might want to invest in a small plant light as it’s been so overcast lately I’m not sure that just putting seedlings in the window will be quite enough to give them a jump start! I have to admit that even though I usually plant my garden with a majority of seeds I think I’ll be buying seedlings this year. Between the wet, late Spring and having a kiddo under one I seem to be always running low on time and energy!

Thanks for listening to my weather rant, I hope the rain isn’t getting any of you down! Are you guys totally over this weather, or are you PNW rain lovers?

2 thoughts on “Soggy Spring

  1. I am with you! So over the rain! I wore my serious rain boots to work today. Footwear wise, I typically ignore a little rain, but it has been pouring buckets the last few mornings. My feet were nice and dry. 🙂

    1. The boys have been wearing rain boots to school, and thankfully we have a couple pairs of muck boots to go out and feed the chickens in because none of my normal footwear is rain ready.

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